Black & White Printing

Black and White printing (b&w) is the way to go if you are on a budget. Send us your flyers, booklets, manuals or anything you need printed, and we will print it with our quality equipment. We pride ourselves in making sure your job looks as expected, without any missing information. Our equipment may be modern and up to date, but a knowledgeable operator is still needed in between the computer and the machine!

Send us an email to ask for more information or to receive a quote on your next project.

Black and white pricing is based on quantity. More copies printed means a better price per copy.


Pastels and Brites

On a tight budget, but still want more than just regular black and white copies?  We have a variety of coloured paper to choose from including light coloured pastels and brighter coloured Hots and Brites. Print your black and white copies on coloured paper to make them more noticeable.  Double sided printing and printing on larger sheets including legal size and tabloid size are also available options.